Colonel Joseph S. Barton, USAF (Ret)

Colonel Joseph S. Barton, USAF (Ret)

Colonel Joseph S Barton is from Atlanta, Georgia and graduated from the University of Georgia in 1971. He attended Undergraduate Pilot Training at Moody AFB, GA in 1972 and remained there as a T-37 Instructor Pilot and Flight Examiner until 1976. He then moved to Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ as a Rated Supplement Maintenance Officer, arriving at the same time as the first operational A-10s.

In 1978 Col Barton attended Fighter Lead-in Training at Holloman AFB NM flying the T-38.  After lead-in training, he attended A-10 training at Davis-Monthan.  Upon completion of training, he was assigned to the 81TFW RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge UK where he was a Flight Commander, Instructor Pilot and Flight Examiner.

Upon return to the US in 1982, he was assigned to the 355TFTW, Davis-Monthan AFB AZ where he was an Instructor Pilot, Flight Examiner and Academic Instructor teaching new A-10 pilots.  In 1984, he was sent to Osan Air Base, Republic of South Korea as a Senior Operations Duty Officer in the Hardened Tactical Control Center.

On returning to the US in 1985, Col Barton was assigned to Headquarters Ninth Air Force, Shaw AFB SC as a Current Operations Staff Officer.  Here he flew with many Ninth AF A-10 units, both active duty and Air National Guard. He was also involved with the US Central Command Air Forces with responsibilities in the Middle East.

In 1988, Col Barton was assigned to the 354 TFW Myrtle Beach SC. He was the Operations Officer of the 355 TFS when the squadron deployed to Saudi Arabia for Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm.  While in country, the Squadron was responsible for developing night procedures for the A-10 which played an important role in the A-10 remaining in the AF inventory after Desert Storm.  In 1991, Col Barton was named Commander of the 355 TFS.  The 355 TFS was deactivated in 1992 as part of the Base Closure and he remained at Myrtle Beach AFB until its complete closure in March 1993. Col Barton flew the next to last A-10 out of Myrtle Beach to the Bone Yard at Davis-Monthan in September, 1992. Col Barton was the last active duty pilot assigned to Myrtle Beach AFB.

Col Barton was assigned to HQ Ninth Air Force/USCENTAF after leaving Myrtle Beach.  There he was the Commander, 603 Combat Operations Squadron until his retirement in March, 1996.

The A-10 in Warbird Park was the aircraft Col Barton flew the majority of his missions in Desert Shield/Desert Storm. The nose art “Dawg Hawg”, was painted on the nose in Desert Storm and is in honor of the University of Georgia, his alma mater.

Col Barton retired in March 1993. He finished his career with over 3500 total flying hours, and over 2500 in the A-10.